Monday, 26 November 2012


         The book 'Starters' is about a girl age 16 named Callie Woodland,who lived in a small neighbourhood in Beverly Hills.Callie lost her parents when a war called Spore Wars kills the people age between  20-60.Now, she lives with her brother,Tyler,and her friend Micheal who's also 16 years old.They live as squatters and fighting off renegades.
          Callie's only hope to get money is from Prime Destinations.A place which enders age 60+ or even 100+ rent a teenage body to live young for awhile but with rules.One day,Callie goes to Prime Destinations to be a donor to her renter named Helena Winterhill who she have never met before.
          But first,she have to look clean.Extra clean.The workers took her to the first station,which is like a human car wash.Next up,manicure,pedicure,and a full body scrub.Then,make-up.An ender named Clara laser her brows and attached new eyelashes.Then they put a chip in her brain so the donor's and the renter's soul can be replace and so that Prime Destinations can detect them.Then it starts.
          As soon as it starts,there's something wrong.Callie is suppose to be sleeping so Helena can woke up in Callie's body.But instead of what supposed to happen,happens,Callie woke up in her body but in Helena's world.Callie woke up in a pub and met Helena's Madison and Lauren and Senator Harrison's son,Blake.
          Soon,Callie found out that Helena has a dangerous plan.Murder.Helena wants kill Blake's father,Senator Harrison to stop him from working on a plan with Prime Destinations which is the renters can use the donor's permanently.And permanently means the donor have to die.Helena lost her grandchild because of Prime Destinations and Helena don't want other teenagers to be like her grandchild.
         At first,Callie hesitate to kill Senator Harrison.But after a while,Callie decided to follow Helena's order.Callie and Helena (only her voice) is connected through the chip.After Callie had killed Senator Harrison,she goes to Prime Destinations to uncover the truth about the Old Man's (the owner) plan to all the starters.After some talking and advicing,they all work together to stop the Old Man,but the Old Man already left on a heli.Soon,after they succeed,Callie found out that the Blake she use to know is actually a renter and the renter is the Old Man.Callie and Tyler live peacefully in a huge villa which Helena gave her.
                                                                  The End.

^_^ Thanks for those who read this and you should buy the book!! ^_^

Monday, 19 November 2012

Sunday, 18 November 2012

What I think of blogging....


So,this blog is maybe my second or my third blog of this year...cause every time I made a blog I will forgot whether my password or my email..
I think I've created too much emails and password...

At first,I may be a little excited to make some post,,but eventually I get bored and stop posting...
But I think I'm gonna keep up with this blog...I think ;)
I think.....blogging is like a online diary...blogging is also like a documentary because we can share our experience in our own life...
It's kind of like storytelling-without-opening- our -mouth thing...
And it's also good for the peoples who like to talk they can tell everything what they want to world,like....SAVE GAZA or I PASS THE EXAM WITH FLYING COLOURS or anything....

That's all for today....
One more think....this is my opinion on blogging..don't take it to seriously....


             We meet again,,

 I've been reading a lot of novels this year.
I think it's because i am more matured now..hehe..
Have you all read this book -----> The Hunger Games?? HAVE to watch the movie..

     It's about a girl named Katniss Everdeen who lives in District 12 (in the future).On the day of the reaping at District 12,Katniss sets out to meet so they can do some haunting and gathering before the reaping that afternoon.As Katniss makes her way from her home to the Meadow and,finally,to the woods,where people of the district are forbidden to go.Katniss thinks about Prim,who is 4 years younger,and her mother,both of whom depended on Katniss for survival ever since Katniss' father died in a mine explosion when she was 11.<----that is some of what i've read,,the  
                                                             rest of (if you want to know) you'll
                                                             have to read it yourself..haha..                

And here's another book for the Hunger Games lovers or sci-fi novel....

It's a great book!!
Read it!!

HI :)

Hello,,السلام عليكم,,안녕하세요,, 你好,, こんにちは,,
             So,that's basically my favourite language-for now.
             So,to start off my greeting,,,I will introduce I made a list about ME!! :
   's a picture of me if in case you want to see it :)

                                              This is last year's photo,ignore it if you want to...

  •          My name is Nur Munirah bt. Mat salleh <--- great name isn't it?
  •          Next year i'll be 14-years-old..
  •          I live at Kuantan,Pahang,,,
  •          I am learning at SMAAM and am living in a hostel....
                   And this is what i think of myself:

  •         I am wise but the problem is i'm lazy <but i still got 5A's in UPSR!>
  •         I love to cook.... and eat!
  •         Sometimes i'm difficult to control my temper..
  •         I treat people the way people treat me.
  •         I love to make and have friends--sometimes..
  •         This is what i think of math:
                                                    Mathematics is easy,
                                                       I think i'm lazy,
                                                      It makes me crazy.....

                                                                THAT's ALL      :)