Monday, 26 November 2012


         The book 'Starters' is about a girl age 16 named Callie Woodland,who lived in a small neighbourhood in Beverly Hills.Callie lost her parents when a war called Spore Wars kills the people age between  20-60.Now, she lives with her brother,Tyler,and her friend Micheal who's also 16 years old.They live as squatters and fighting off renegades.
          Callie's only hope to get money is from Prime Destinations.A place which enders age 60+ or even 100+ rent a teenage body to live young for awhile but with rules.One day,Callie goes to Prime Destinations to be a donor to her renter named Helena Winterhill who she have never met before.
          But first,she have to look clean.Extra clean.The workers took her to the first station,which is like a human car wash.Next up,manicure,pedicure,and a full body scrub.Then,make-up.An ender named Clara laser her brows and attached new eyelashes.Then they put a chip in her brain so the donor's and the renter's soul can be replace and so that Prime Destinations can detect them.Then it starts.
          As soon as it starts,there's something wrong.Callie is suppose to be sleeping so Helena can woke up in Callie's body.But instead of what supposed to happen,happens,Callie woke up in her body but in Helena's world.Callie woke up in a pub and met Helena's Madison and Lauren and Senator Harrison's son,Blake.
          Soon,Callie found out that Helena has a dangerous plan.Murder.Helena wants kill Blake's father,Senator Harrison to stop him from working on a plan with Prime Destinations which is the renters can use the donor's permanently.And permanently means the donor have to die.Helena lost her grandchild because of Prime Destinations and Helena don't want other teenagers to be like her grandchild.
         At first,Callie hesitate to kill Senator Harrison.But after a while,Callie decided to follow Helena's order.Callie and Helena (only her voice) is connected through the chip.After Callie had killed Senator Harrison,she goes to Prime Destinations to uncover the truth about the Old Man's (the owner) plan to all the starters.After some talking and advicing,they all work together to stop the Old Man,but the Old Man already left on a heli.Soon,after they succeed,Callie found out that the Blake she use to know is actually a renter and the renter is the Old Man.Callie and Tyler live peacefully in a huge villa which Helena gave her.
                                                                  The End.

^_^ Thanks for those who read this and you should buy the book!! ^_^

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